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Q:  What is an "Investment Membership"?
A:   An Investment Membership is a membership which may be sold to another approved applicant for membership for a profit or loss.  Fantasy Falls Forest is the sole broker for all memberships but the member has the final say in whether he/she will accept the applicant's offer.  Fantasy Falls Forest will take a percentage of any profit and a fee for the sale of a membership incurring a loss, according to the membership contract.
Q:  What do I get for my investment?
A:   You will be investing in the 'club entity' -- a rather ethereal concept at first glance.  Although a membership does not give you ownership of any real estate or equipment, it does confer the exclusive rights and priviliges to be admitted to "the property", use its facilities, equipment, transportation, and to enjoy Mom's hospitality.
Q:  Why do I want to spend so much money to come to Fantasy Falls Forest when I can go to a public park for next-to-nothing?
A:  If you are asking that seriously...I can send you a list of parks you'd like.  Oh, and "have a nice day"!
Q:  What can I do at Fantasy Falls Forest?
A:   What do you want to do?  Let us know, and we'll make it happen.  Personally, we enjoy hiking and rock climbing.  Looking for fossils and Indian arrowheads is fun, too.  And watching flora and fauna in any season.  In other places people swim with dolphins and sharks... Mom swims with bass and dragonflies while Bald Eagles and Great Blue Heron lifeguard.  Kayaking, canoeing, power water sports are available.  Cliffside picnics.  Relaxing in a 70' long hammock-swing or jumping on a trampoline (if you can find it!).  Hunting for buried treasure.  C'mon!  You can do what you want as long as it's legal and not destructive to the property!
Q:  What is "glamping"?
A:   "Glamourous Camping".  At Fantasy Falls Forest this may be overnighting in a plushly furnished mini-cave, a tee-pee, a fairy tale tower made for a princess, or a tree house with running water.  These are just a few examples of venues, but glamping also implies that all your needs are met without you having to put forth the effort to pitch a camp or build a fire.
Q:  What if the weather is bad?
A:   There are all sorts of alternative activities we can take you to if it is truly too stormy, wet, or cold to enjoy Fantasy Falls Forest.  We are planning a couple of cozy clubhouses for safe overnight retreats.  The clubhouses will have many ammenities to use in non-stormy times, too.  We've got you covered!